Our Staff

We're looking for a Gym Director!

We want an organized, entrepreneurial-minded person to lead our business initiatives! This includes staff management and working closely with our marketing director on business deals and promotions.

  • 20 - 25 hrs/week
  • 3+ years in fitness industry
  • 2+ years in leadership position
  • Training experience required
  • MINDBODY experience a plus

Think you qualify or know of someone who does? Have them message us at fightclubaustin@gmail.com

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​Born and raised in Katy, Texas, Alex​ began her love affair with athletics at the age of 3 and has been playing sports (namely soccer) ever since. Alex is the newest trainer at the gym and loves using music to create a high-energy and fun workout, focusing on cardio, abs, and getting you a "Kardashian booty." She is outgoing, motivating, and loves building relationships with her clients. As a human biology and pre-med senior, Alex...


Gym Owner

Alexis grew up in Austin where the many outdoor trails, parks, and lakes fueled her passion for fitness. It wasn’t until attending the University of Georgia in Athens that she found a workout she really loved—Fight Club. For Alexis, Fight Club was more than just another fitness concept. It was a place she could go to relieve the daily stresses of college with her friends while also getting in a killer workout. She came back to Austin with...


Throughout his childhood in Sugar Land, TX and the US Virgin Islands, Ben has always considered fitness a top priority in his life. He now focuses on power-lifting, bodybuilding, and cooking for nutritional benefits. During his classes at Fight Club, he will constantly make effort to ensure that you leave the gym knowing that you didn't waste your time. Your form & technique will be scrutinized for your improvement. The workout routines...


Lead Trainer

Dakota is a spunky ball of energy that loves long walks on the beach and snuggling with her French Bulldog Daisy. When she’s not fantasizing of being the Mrs. Dr. Derek McDreamy Shepherd, she enjoys personally kicking people's’ butts and giving them the best workout of their life. “Dak” grew up in Arlington, Texas and played all types of sports including volleyball, soccer and track. After moving to Austin, she started working out at Fight...


Emily is a friendly and energetic trainer who is not afraid to kick butt during her Fight Club class! She believes a good workout is not complete without some loud music (Hip Hop preferably) and loads of encouragement. Her main goal is to get every client to develop a love for fitness and health! Em was born in raised in San Antonio (go Spurs go). She played multiple sports growing up, but her main love was dance. Emily is proud to have...


Hallie is a loud, energetic, fitness loving instructor who will constantly encourage you to push yourself. She loves helping her clients set and achieve all their fitness-journey goals. She aims to make the gym a fun atmosphere you love to go to rather than having it feel like a chore. Her workouts are high intensity, full of dope pump up music, and will have you dripping sweat while loving every second of it. Hallie was born and raised in...


Jeana is a senior at UT looking to have fun with each and every fight clubber. Her classes are high intensity and she'll always push you past your limit! She is very passionate about overall health, fitness, and fun, and wants to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Great music and unique workouts. Come party with her at fight club!


Jenna is a loud and energetic fitness trainer with a bubbly personality. She is from sunny San Diego, California and moved to Austin to attend The University of Texas (hookem!). Staying active and fit has always been a huge part of Jenna's life every since she could remember. Jenna comes from a background of a very athletic family. Her dad was a professional martial arts fighter and her brother is a UFC fighter. Growing up she was very active...


Koby is a second year McCombs student passionate about health and fitness. He has been training clients for over four years at an athletic training facility, and now at Fight Club! In his own words, "I love motivating people to reach their fitness goals and challenging them with intense, full body workouts!"


Kyle is a trainer that will neither undermine specificity of training nor the functionality of technical exercises. His classes strive towards the most complete and best results for the goals of his clients. His high intensity and high volume workouts burn fat, build muscle, increase strength and stamina, and keep you sweating from start to finish. Having a background in tennis as well as being a well-trained weightlifter, he emphasizes...


Riley is fun, outgoing, and motivated instructor determined to provide you with a tough yet rewarding workout. She is from Aledo, Texas where she fell in love with athletics while cheering on the Bearcats! In high school, Riley enjoyed cheerleading, tumbling, and running track. You can expect loud music and lots of cardio at her high-energy classes. Riley likes to make every class unique and fun. She loves motivating her clients to push...