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For new Fight Club by UT, it is a workout without the mayhem

"The contact cardio kickboxing facility opened March 24 and hosted a free class Saturday, with a visit from guest instructor Rhuben Williams and free Red Mango smoothies for those who made it to the end of class. With music blaring and participants both inside the building and outside on the sidewalk, it’s difficult to ignore the new workout program that offers classes several times per day."

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Austin Fit Magazine

Austin Fit Field Trip: Fight Club Austin

"By the end of the class we were all exhausted, sweaty, and smiling! The vibe at Fight Club is definitely uplifting, good-time, but yet hardcore. This space and its trainers will get you to your fitness goals either through the class experience or one-on-one with a personal trainer, whichever suits you best. So, definitely find time to check this place out to blow off some steam and walk out feeling powerful!"