What's the difference between Open Gym and Classes?

Classes are timed workouts meant for clients who need an extra push from an instructor and group setting! Open Gym is meant for athletes who are familiar and comfortable with using kickboxing equipment on their own. During Open Gym you will work out untimed at your own pace, though we do post different workouts on a board that change every Friday.

It's my first class, when should I get there?

For your first class, please arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than the stated class time to get signed in and wrapped up. An instructor will also give you a crash course on how to use kickboxing equipment.

What should I bring?

Workout clothes, close-toed shoes, a water bottle and a towel.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer student and service (firefighters, police, military, etc.)

Are all workouts alike?

Yes and no. You'll always hit the heavy bag, speed bag and kick bag but the rest of the workout varies, and every trainer structures their workouts differently.

Where can I park?

We validate parking in the Quarters Garage next door.

Can you spar?

No, but at Open Gym you can work partner drills with mitts and the heavy bag.

How many calories do I burn per class?

700-1000 calories in 1 hour!

Do I need to bring my own wraps and gloves?

No, we provide wraps and gloves but we highly recommend buying your own from our merch store.

Does your facility have a shower?

No, not currently.